Perfume Live Events/Save the Future NHK Campaign

Perfume performs for the first time at Rock in Japan Festival

There is nothing that Japanese Rock fans look forward to more than the nations variety of Rock Festivals held during the summer months. For many artists, playing in front of hundreds or even thousands of potential or long-running fans is a dream come true.

One of the most popular, appropriately named “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL“, is slated to take place at the start of August 2008. This festival boasts artists from all over the musical spectrum playing 4 stages over the course of 3 days.

This year, Perfume is scheduled to play on August 2nd, the second day of the festival. Perfume is a newcomer to this summer festival but without a doubt many fans will be excited for their performance. If you plan on getting tickets to ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL this year, don’t miss Perfume’s set!

Annual Girl Pop Factory: Perfume x Koda Kumi!

Koda Kumi and Perfume
And if the news of the Festival and Budokan shows aren’t enough to rouse a Perfume fans interest, the trio is set to perform with Koda Kumi this August at the annual Girl Pop Factory event. The event is held at the Fuji TV Factory venue and the MC is Yumi Yoshimura of Puffy. Tickets officially go on sale 6/21.

08/03/2008 @ 東京都 Zepp Tokyo
Open 4:00/Start 5:00
・Koda Kumi
・Yumi Yoshimura – MC (Puffy)
Tickets: 3500yen(1st and 2nd floor)
On sale: 6/21
Pre-reserve: 5/22

Perfume takes part in NHK’s “SAVE THE FUTURE!” Campaign

Save the Future Campaign
“…Japanese public broadcaster NHK is focusing public attention on global warming and what we can do to prevent it.”

NHK(who used “Polyrhythm” in one of their recycle campaign ads) will be bringing back Perfume for an event this summer supporting our environment. The event, “Shibuya Eco-Live”, will take place on June 8th along with many other programs in favor of the slogan, “Save our Future”. From dramas, to documentaries, to music, NHK will be broadcasting in favor of the campaign for 3 days.

As part of the launch, NHK has set up a Channel on Youtube to post videos regarding the event. At the moment, a Comment by Perfume is available for viewing. Kashiyuka mentions in the short clip that she wants to send this music to the people in the future, reminding them of our planet in need.

To find out more about Save the Future, head over to the official site to get information, time slots, view movies, and more.

Save the Future!

Save the Future!
Date: 06/08/2008 (June 8th)
Time: 16:00-17:00 (4-5PM)
Note: This is Japan time. NHK broadcasts worldwide but show times are different.

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