Perfume City 3rd Anniversary

Note: Some pages will remain broken for a few days, we are working on fixing them. The Lyrics page is showing all the links to the lyrics but the page is broken so it may look weird until we fix it. Sorry about that!

So it’s been a while since this fansite was born: June 2006. We’ve been growing along with Perfume and now all that I can do is thank all the fans around the world who have been supporting Perfume and also contributing to this fansite.

I also want to thank our main supporter and friend slimjackson who is always aiming to improve the site’s and forums overall performance. Also, thanks to our Forum moderators and all the members for making the forums a nice place and keeping us up to date on Perfume’s latest news.

I must admit that lately the site has highly reduced it’s number of updates. That is caused due to my current personal situation that is, in short, the lack of Internet access at home, and unfortunately that ain’t gonna change soon… So if you want to write for Perfume City, we’re now looking for guest bloggers, contact us at: perfume.fansite at gmail dot com. Update 7/22: We’ve received quite a bunch of emails. We’re no longer taking applications for guest bloggers, thank you!

That said, it’s time to announce upcoming events related to people willing to contribute spreading the love for Perfume.
There’s currently a project known as Sekai no Perfume where fans of Perfume around the world are going to gather and send a Fan Letter / Video Message / Cover songs and more stuff to Perfume. Find more information clicking on the banner in the sidebar or clicking here.

Some members of the forums are creating a Perfume Wiki. Currently is hosted in and you can freely contribute, but it will be part of Perfume City soon.

Also a Perfume T-Shirt contest is about to begin,  I’ll post more information, rules and guidelines in upcoming posts.

Hope you like Perfume City’s new design!