Vote for your favorite song of 2009!

To keep up with tradition, we’re having a vote for your favorite Perfume song released this year! Although the girls only released one new single and an album, this year has still proved to be a busy one, with near-weekly TV appearances thanks to their variety shows and navigator status on MUSIC JAPAN, and especially many live performances.

So, without further ado, here is the poll for the new songs Perfume released this year:

Be sure to vote soon, as we’ll announce the results on the last day of the year!

Voting has closed. Thanks for participating!

6 Replies to “Vote for your favorite song of 2009!”

  1. LOL ….. just refreshed my brower, and this appeared !
    BTW : NIGHT FLIGHT was the best one for me …. XD

  2. Voté por One Room Disco *0*
    aunque este año no me ha parecido el mejor…
    Quizá me vuelva a registrar en el foro, porque no me acuerdo de la otra contraseña…xDDDD.

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