Coupling Song “Communication” Revealed at Kanro Pure Gummy Press Con


The b-side to Perfume’s anticipated new single Spring of Life has been revealed! Our girls’ next endorsement endeavor comes in the form of Kanro Pure Gummy. The song 「コミュニケーション」 (or Communication} is a reminiscent stacatto tune of Perfume’s earlier days. Check out the CM below. You can also watch it on the official Pure Gummy website as well as the Making video.

Spring of Life with Communication drops soon on 2012/04/11!

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  1. Hm, I’m a little disappointed that Point isn’t the B-side, because the little sample in the Kirin CM gets stuck in my head for hours. Communication sounds like it’ll be good, but I’ll always think of the COLTEMONIKHA song first when I see the song title xD

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