“LOVE THE WORLD” Covers & Tracklist Revealed

The covers for Perfume’s global compilation album LOVE THE WORLD have been revealed!

LOVE THE WORLD Limited Edition
Limited Edition
LOVE THE WORLD Normal Edition
Normal Edition

One may remember the prelaunch action involving perfume-global.com, and the covers aptly reflect the design team’s 3D star formation concept for the website. This compilation disc is purposefully prepared for Perfume’s global expansion as their first official “best hits” album. The tracklist has been revealed as follows:

1. Polyrhythm
2. edge (-mix)
3. love the world
4. Electro World
5. Chocolate Disco (2012-Mix)
8. Secret Secret
10 .Baby cruising Love
11. Butterfly
13. Laser Beam
15. MY COLOR (LTW-Mix)
16. Dream Fighter

[DVD (Limited Edition Only)]
1. FAKE IT -Video Clip-
2. FAKE IT -Video Clip Making-
3. Polyrhythm -Historical Live Act Version-

Notably among the list of fan favorites are special remixes created especially for the compilation, including Chocolate Disco 2012 mix and MY COLOR LTW mix. The FAKE IT PV is also highly anticipated, as PTA members were selected to be a part of the PV this past month.

LOVE THE WORLD releases September 12. You can pre-order your copy of the compilation now!

Limited Edition:
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Regular Edition:
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5 Replies to ““LOVE THE WORLD” Covers & Tracklist Revealed”

  1. I am very afraid that the compilation comprises the lesser, single-versions of Laser Beam and GLITTER, and not the brilliant JPN album-mix mini-medley. I pray to be wrong, tho.


    1. I hope its the original GLITTER. The album mix ends all wrong, it doesn’t feel right.
      It is a shame tho that so many of my favourites aren’t on the CD, I guess they were trying more to show the most variety in the styles in they do rather than everyone’s favourite songs?

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