Happy 24th Birthday, Nocchi!

We would like to wish Nocchi a very happy birthday, and all the luck and good spirits for Perfume’s upcoming Asia Tour!

On Twitter, birthday messages have already come flooding in, making #nocchi and #prfm a #1 and #2 trending topic respectively. 大本彩乃 was also seen trending as well.

Twitterトレンド1位に「 #nocchi  」2位に「 #prfm  」さっきは上位に「大本彩乃」もきてた! #Pe... on Twitpic


Post your birthday wishes in the comments below, or in Nocchi’s Birthday thread!

5 Replies to “Happy 24th Birthday, Nocchi!”

  1. Nochii wa, otanjōbiomedetō!, 9 Tsuki 18-nichi ni anata to onaji Tsuki de ekusasaizu o shi tari, watashi wa anata ga Q Q anata ga mitsuketa saikō no tanjōbi o motte iru negatte imasu! Translation: Happy Birthday nochii!! my birthday is on the same month! is on sep 18!! Hope you have the beat birthday ever!!

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