Perfume Moving to Universal Japan, New Song “Spring of Life”

In light of a new Kirin ad campaign, the news regarding Perfume is ramping up in midst of their JPN Tour, including a new song “Spring of Life” to Perfume moving from Tokuma to Universal.

Also, a global Perfume website is currently in the countdown phase, appearing to be scheduled for launch on or around March 5th depending on your local time zone. The site can be accessed here. In addition, check out Perfume’s brand new official YouTube channel!

Discussions are happening on both the topic for the new song as well as the move to Universal. Feel free to join in the conversations and stay tuned for official announcements regarding both!

Happy 23rd Birthday to Kashiyuka!

Kashiyuka has reached her 23rd birthday today. She’ll love to hear the good responses and good will all of her fans as well as all of Perfume’s fan around the world are sure to give. So be sure to wish her a happy birthday in your own way on her special day!

From Perfume City and all of its members, happy birthday Kashiyuka! Hopefully it’s the best one yet!

Perfume Debut at #1 with JPN

As if the news that Perfume reached #1 on the Oricon Weekly Charts with their latest album JPN wasn’t enough, the girls continued to lead the way in a new era for female groups.

By having their best weekly sales ever at a remarkable 226,858 copies sold, they not only claimed their third #1 album to go alongside 2008’s Game and 2009’s Triangle, but became the first female group since SPEED in 1999, and the second ever, to reach #1 three consecutive albums.

It goes without saying they’re doing things few female groups ever have the opportunity to do and continue to push forward boundaries on the Japanese music industry. Enough congratulations for this accomplishment can’t be given, so congratulations to Perfume for reaching #1!