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Majestic Melodic Death Metal

Postby Zeomne » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:32 am

Hello Perfume fans! Perfume is my favorite group and they truly transcend the genre of J-pop and infect the minds of fans of ALL genres. They are truly a gift, and Nakata-kun is an absolute genius.

I just thought for my first post I'd share with all of you what I do with my musical passion/inspiration. It is my Majestic Melodic Death Metal band inRed and our last album, Serpents Hold, has just hit its 5,000th download. It's free and I welcome all of you to check it out! You might see the term "Death Metal" and be scared, but it is very melodic and if you can stand scream vocals then I think you will find it to be quite epic. <--- here you can download our past 2 albums. Our latest album features a cover of the J-pop group Milky Way's "Anataboshi", which is my first attempt at speaking or singing Japanese. (So please excuse the horrible pronunciation. XD)

Our next album will be space-themed and very special. I thank you all for reading and extra thanks to those who check us out.

Perfume forever!!!! They did so well at hosting/performing at the VMAs and I can't wait for the new single. :D

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