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Postby Sensha_Michi » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:56 am

Ok, so here is my Perfume backstory and how I came to be here.. :)

I am 33 years young and have been serving in the British Army for 17 years, I am based in Larkhill, Wiltshire at the moment and married with no kids.

I have been a Perfume fan for around a year, I am an avid Japanophile and am currently learning Japanese and its my obsession that lead me to become interested in Japanese music. It was through their Youtube channel that I found them and if I recall it was 1mm that got me hooked.

So fast forward a year to today and I can safely say Perfume is my favourite music, I start my day with watching their videos on Youtube whilst having breakfast, I listen to their playlist in my car on the way to work and I am constantly smiling and bopping at each track that comes up. Then on the way home I do the same but for 40 mins because of traffic :) YAY!!

I have recently joined the PTA World fan club because i think they deserve the support, I would LOVE to see them perform live the next time they visit or when I visit Japan, whichever comes first ;)

I have been wondering if there was a community for Perfume fans to congregate around and was surprised to find that PTA did'nt have a forum. So I googled "Perfume Forum" and found a Fragrance forum lol.... added "Japan" to my query and there you all were. I promptly joined and here we are now :)

I don't have a favourite member, I dont have a favourite song I love them all as equally as each other and they all have their own merits :D

My wife doesn't like Perfume, she thinks I am odd but then again I guess I am definitely not regular.

That's my perfume backstory in a nutshell, feel free to ask questions or hit me up on twitter @Sensha_Michi, just be warned I am a bit Otaku about a certain anime involving Girls and Tanks :)

That's all :D

Peace out!
I love Japan, Perfume & Girls und Panzer... Not always in that order either :P
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Re: Member Introduction & Pics

Postby plainity » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:05 am

hello, my name is anja and im 16 years old! ive been interested in japan more then half my life.

I love all kinds of music, especially kpop nowadays. my fav Japanese artists are:, femm, shiina ringo and akiko shikata among others. my fav perfume album is game! :music: :love:

I have many interests like music, art, movies, tv shows, anime, cult followings and controversies, meeting new people and discussing.

nice to meet u all!!! :love: :love: :love: :bye:
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