My J-Pop/Electronic Project " OfJapan "

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My J-Pop/Electronic Project " OfJapan "

Postby OfJapan » Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:00 am


I am the creator of a solo music project named " OfJapan ". I do what I can to get better at producing J-Pop/Electropop. I also intend on using VOCALOIDS ( Mainly Miku & IA ). The song is called " Nanana's Adventure Ft ハツネミク ( Hatsune Miku ) " I've only made two songs, this one probably being my most well mixed/mastered song. I'll be redoing my other song, " Open Skies " sometime soon hopefully. I'm working hard on my EP/Album ^^

I'd greatly appreciate some feed back from people who're into anime/Jpop music, and from those who aren't too of course lol ^^

Please feel free to like,comment,share my stuff if it's to your liking :) ... tsune-miku

I also do photography and photo editing :) Here's are the links to my pages:

My skype name is: alveaaa in case you have any advice for me ! :) Thanks for everything ^^
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