I'm trying to make music! I want critique!

Because Perfume fans are also artists.

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I'm trying to make music! I want critique!

Postby kyarys-not-dead » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:33 pm

I know this music is probably trash but it's my first time trying this I'm also only 14 but hey maybe my music is good~ that's for you to decide :o


That's my newest song and it's spoopy and Halloween themed kinda I guess. I drew the girl on the cover.
This song is sample-based (oh wait all my songs are sample based)


Here's a vaporwave song (/^-^)/ It's so #aesthetic dont u think? (x=palm-tree) I mean what?


This is a remix of Idol Fancy but I think it can be my own original song cause I didn't break the 15 second rule. So now I guess I Christen it "Daisy Pattern Tote-bag" or something idk I literally just made that up.


This is my first ever song/remix/thing that I made 5 months ago. It was almost used in a short documentary but it wasn't so that's the story behind it. I know it says it's a remix but yet again I didn't break the 15 second rule so I just call this one "Ambient Space" \(@[email protected])/
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