50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

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50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby taka02 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:04 am

The original article is here(http://avaxhome.ws/magazines/bomb08.html).

[BOMB (2008 May issue)(p.20-22)]

[First page (p.20) (in A~chan's handwriting)]

Q14 Give us three words that symbolize you.

My brother said (laugh), 'What is po-wa-waaan?! (laugh)

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

[(from p.21)]

Q1 What is your hobby & skills?
I like collecting pajamas (60 pairs), mascara, floral patterned clothes, and glittering things. And I also like playing with children. My skill is making friends. I am not shy of strangers.

Q2 What is your favorite color?
Pink, I think. Especially soft colored pink, like coral pink or champagne pink. On the contrary, I don't like fluorescent yellowish green, maybe?

Q3 What is your favorite number or lucky number?
I don't have any particularly, but maybe 3? Perfume members and siblings I have are three (laugh).

Q4 What is your favorite food & what food do you not like?
Fruit! I ate a grapefruit this morning. Pears, tangerines, ... I like peaches and persimmons if it is crisp and hard. I like green bananas. I like fruit that is not popular and subordinate (laugh). And I like blue fish, too. Like mackerels and sauries. I heard that if you eat them your blood flow will be smooth. What I don't like are beans and so on.

Q5 What is your favorite book (novel, etc.)?
I read 'Budou No Ki (Grapevine)' which is a non-fiction. It is about foster parents and foster children. I am interested in nursing and social welfare.

Q6 What is your favorite manga?
'Shuga Shuga Roon' by Moyoko Anno. Basically I only read shoujo manga[1]. Like 'Bokura Ga Ita (We Were There)', 'B.O.D.Y', or 'Nousatsu Jankii (Enchanting Junky)'. I have more than 100 (comic books). My sister also likes manga, so I can not put them all in the shelf (laugh).

Q7 What is your favorite movie?
In Korean movies, it will be 'A Moment to Remember'. In Japanese movies, 'Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru (I Only Love You)'. I also like fantasy movies, and Studio Ghibli! I have watched 'Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)' many times.

Q8 What is your favorite TV show?
Variety shows airing at midnight. And afternoon soap operas (laugh). Watching reruns of dramas at evening time makes me happy too. I can't watch them recently though ...

Q9 What is your favorite music (artist)?
I have liked Aiko since I was a child. She is God! I would really love to meet her (laugh). Maybe I will get too nervous to talk to her, though. And I like a visual-kei[2] band Nightmare too.

Q10 What is your favorite sport?
I like watching figure skating. I am a big fan of Mao (Asada). I like players of soccer and baseball, but I don't know about the rules (tears).

Q11 What is your favorite body part?
Hands, maybe? I like the shape of the nails and the ring fingers, and I was told my palm looks good on palm reading. I was told that I am a valuable type of person who can do everything equally (laugh).

Q12 What is your favorite fashion?
I like one piece clothes with floral patterns on it or white colored. I like smooth material like silk. What I want boys to wear is something like tight from the waist up and loose from the waist down, or tight on both upper and lower part. If you wear like gray parka, you will get high points. And I am fetish about glasses (laugh).

Q13 What was your favorite subject & a subject you didn't like when you were in school (elementary, junior high, high school)?
My mother is a soroban (Japanese abacus) teacher and I was learning it, so I liked arithmetics and mathematics. I think I was in sub-second grade[3]. The subject I didn't like was social studies. But I studied it hard during an exam term. Because I didn't want everyone to think that I was poor at it or it was because I was working in this business that I couldn't get a good score. I don't like losing (laugh).

Q14 Give us three words that symbolize you.
(Refer to her writing (P.20)) Other than these, efforts, willingness, positiveness, perms, ... maybe? (laugh)

Q15 What kind of OMAJINAI(good luck charm) do you believe?
If you see three moving Akabou[4] cars in a day, something good will happen on that day! If you see a parked one, you have to start all over again. My friend told me soon after I came to Tokyo (laugh). I have achieved it once, but I think you would be happy (with a feeling of satisfaction) the moment you did it.

Q16 At what kind of thing do you think you can beat the other two?
Maybe the number of shoes? I like pumps, and I have countless of those. Some of them are too cute to put on and I just can't throw away others (laugh).

Q17 Tell us good things about Hiroshima.
Everyone is big-hearted, easy to talk to, and friendly. Men are a bit shy, maybe (laugh). And Okonomi-yaki[5] is delicious ... When we eat it together, we put omochi(=rice cake) and cheese on it for toppings.

Q18 Introduce yourself simply in Hiroshima dialect!
I am Ayaka Nishiwaki, A~chan. I like flowers, and I love gerberas and roses especially. So I have lots of them in my room, and too much pollen (laugh). But I like them, so I have them. Yay (laugh). Like this. It was awkward ...

Q19 Transportation between Tokyo and Hiroshima. (Which do you use) Shinkan-sen(=bullet train)? Airplane?
It takes about four hours, but I take Shinkan-sen. I used an airplane at first, but Hiroshima airport is a little bit far from downtown.

Q20 Which shop do you recommend?
'BAGEL&BAGEL'. I like it the best in bagel shops. We have it in Hiroshima, too.

Q21 What is your habit or words you often use?
I use many exclamations like 'Eh~!', 'Ah!'. And it seems I use a lot of onomatopoeia like 'kan kan', 'kin kin', 'shan shan' (Refer to Q9[6]). People tell me that they can't understand me (laugh).

Q22 How do you relieve stress?
I take a bath. And I sing! Like, While I am on the move in the car, I open the window and sing to the outside (laugh).

Q23 What is your favorite song to sing in karaoke?
'Hanamizuki' by You Hitoto, 'Akizakura' by Momoe Yamaguchi, 'ake-kaze' by Asuka Hayashi, and so on. I often go (to karaoke) with my family.

Q24 Do you have something that you want to start doing recently?
Flower Arrangement. I want to say, "I like flower arrangement, you know, ho ho ho ho[7]" (laugh)

Q25 What do you need in your room now?
'Joba'[8] (fitness device). I want to exercise while watching TV (laugh).

Q26 How many minutes do you need after you wake up till you go out?
About two and a half hours? After I wake up, while I am taking a bath absent minded and loafing around, time passes (laugh).

Q27 What is the average time you spend in the bath?
I have a half body bathing, so it is about one and a half to two hours.

Q28 In what order do you wash your body parts in the bath?
I start from the right leg. I heard that when you wash your body, it is good for your health to start washing from the legs, because that improves blood circulation.

Q29 What do you always do before you go to bed?
I take vitamin C and B supplements. And traditional Chinese medicine, and so on. It is not that I am sick or anything, but to prevent getting cold and rough skin.

Q30 What is your average sleep hours?
Maybe about 4 to 5 hours now. 8 hours is ideal. But even on an off day, I wake up at like 6 in the morning (laugh).

Q31 What do you want to do when you turn 20?
I want to go to a kyabakura[9]! I want to see how hard the women are working. I also want to go to a host club[10]! The staff promised me to take me there, so I am looking forward to it.

Q32 If you were not in the show business, what would you be doing?
I think I would be a kindergarten teacher. I have wanted to be one since I was small, and I wanted to study in that direction at college, too. But it seemed hard to do it while working in the show business at the same time, so I took a different course (laugh).

Q33 What kind of part-time job do you want to try?
I long to be a waitress or work at a cafe.

Q34 What changed about you compared to when you debuted?
My face has changed. I was a child (laugh). And I used to be shy about men. I wasn't able to talk much (with men) but now I can, so that is good.

Q35 What would you do if you had a month off?
I want to go out with my college friends. When I turn 20, I want to go to a night club. And travel. I want to go to Korea and I also want to see an aurora ...

Q36 What if you won a lottery of 100 million yen?
I would buy something worth 3 million yen for my mother, 1 million yen for my father, 2 million yen each for my sister and brother and my grandmother. I would save the rest.

Q37 Introduce your family!
My father is serious, has a small face, and he is lanky. He is very tall. He is really funny and I respect him. My mother is cheerful and very positive. She is such a considerate and good person that makes me wonder if there really exists such a good person. My brother is tall, smart, broad minded, and he is popular with women (laugh). He is composed and can see things a few steps ahead. My sister is serious like my father. But she is a bit too serious and sometimes becomes stubborn ... (laugh).

Q38 Say a word to your managers!
What have you been doing today?

Q39 You might want to have a boyfriend. What is your favorite type of man?
I like someone who is striving for something. Whether it is study or sports. What is important is to strive for something, if you are not excellent at it.

Q40 What food do you want to cook for a man you like?
Well ... that is hard. I will cook anything if he asks me. I will work hard to be able to do that (laugh).

Q41 What kind of words a man says makes you happy?
Maybe, "You look good with flowers.", or "You look good in white."? I like a kind of word people say casually without intention.

Q42 How old were you when you had a first love? And what is your memory of it?
When I was four. There were two boys whom I always hung around with. We were in a triangle relationship (laugh).

Q43 What is your ideal way of going on a date?
I want my boyfriend to pick me up at my house, and go strawberry picking. I want to feed each other.

Q44 At about what age do you want to get married?
27 or 28. But I want to try a omiai(=blind date)[11] once!! (laugh)

Q45 What is your ideal word for marriage proposal?
I would want him to say what he feels without any pretension. Like "Please marry me." would be simple and nice.

Q46 What is your ideal wedding?
I want to give weddings for three of us together three days in a row!! I want to smooch and flirt with my husband on that day.

Q47 How many children do you want to have? And their names?
I want three. I would like their names to be Hana(華), Shun(俊), and Hina(雛).

Q48 Who do you want to be like in the show business?
There are really only great people in this business, so I respect all of them.

Q49 What is your (personal) goal for the future?
Do not give up!! Do not feel down!! Do not try too hard!! Aaaaaaaall right (laugh). As for work, it would be about Perfume, but I want to have our photoalbum published when we are young, maybe (laugh).

Q50 Give a message to those who support you!
That is kind of embarrassing (laugh). But without you people, we wouldn't be able to go on as Perfume (tears), so don't leave us!

A~chan shows her favorite goods! (lower left part of page 22 with a photograph)

My friend gave me this on my birthday. It is my treasure. In it, I have a hand gel, lip balm, mirror, tissue case, etc.

[1] 'shoujo manga' is a type of manga that are targeted for young female audience. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sh%C5%8Djo_manga)
[2] Visual kei (ヴィジュアル系, vijuaru kei?, lit. "visual style") refers to a movement among Japanese musicians, that is characterized by the use of striking make-up, unusual hair styles and elaborate costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_kei)
[3] Soroban (Japanese abacus) learners are ranked according to skill like in judo. Starting from 15th grade, the number decreases (15, 14, 13, ...) as you go higher up. 'Sub-second' is a grade between third and second grade.
[4] 'Akabou' is a Japanese package delivery company. Its cars are colored red.
[5] 'Okonomi-yaki' is a pizza-like Japanese food (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki). It is a regional specialty in Hiroshima.
[6] In an answer to Q9, A~chan says, "gan gan kinchou shite, ..."(I would get too nervous ...)
[7] 'ho ho ho' is a way a woman in high society laughs in caricature.
[8] 'Joba' means 'horse back riding'. It is a device on which you mount and move your body as it moves. (http://panasonic.jp/fitness/)
[9] 'Kyabakura' is a hostess bar (it stands for 'cabaret club') where male customers go for virtual dating.
[10] 'Host club' is a male version of 'kyabakura' where women go for virtual dating.
[11] 'Omiai' can be translated to 'blind date' but it is not exactly the same. It is more formal and is always held with a view to marriage. (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miai)
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan

Postby AyakoDisco » Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:37 am

I can't imagine A-chan listening to nightmare!this is not her style, i think, is most the mine :rofl:
Thanks for the translation! :yeah:
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan

Postby ClearBlueSky » Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:52 am

Thanks for taking the time to translate this. I am very grateful!

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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan

Postby Herozak » Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:11 am

Oh dear lord... Why did I read this? Now I want A-Chan even more! Dx :love: :love: :love:

Thank you so much for taking your time to translate this! :yahoo: :yeah:
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby pandaa-shi » Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:10 am

a host club? xD aww, A~chaaaaan, lol
i also find it weird she listens to Nightmare o_o
thought she would listen to more up beat or happy music just like her personality is :3
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby ClearBlueSky » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:08 am

I think it's very awesome A-chan listens to nightmare. Everyone could use a little hardcore punk everynow and again. Bravo A-chan, bravo.
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby hitomi #1 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:31 am

Thanks, great translation! :yeah: Nightmare are a bit lamish, that's not real heavy music. :| Hmmmm, almost 2 hours taking a bath! :P Lot of interesting things, like what she would do with the 100 million yen! :lol:
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby Pafyuumu » Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:39 am

This is great! I really appreciate it when you guys take the time to do these translations. Keep it up!
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby KajaKajaGuu » Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:53 pm

Thanks for the translation.

A-Chan likes green, unripe bananas? Ew.
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby ClearBlueSky » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:39 am

hitomi #1 wrote:Thanks, great translation! :yeah: Nightmare are a bit lamish, that's not real heavy music. :| Hmmmm, almost 2 hours taking a bath! :P Lot of interesting things, like what she would do with the 100 million yen! :lol:

Nightmare is hardcore punk, poptart. It's not meant to be heavy when it's punk. 
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby hobocommando » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:34 am

yeah holy crap dude. thanks for the translation!!!!
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby Morky » Sun May 01, 2011 11:22 am

Terrific interview. I wonder how many guys took notes. ;)
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby SpentaZ » Wed May 11, 2011 10:19 pm

I felt I'm closer to her :oops:
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby PAPAPAFUME » Thu May 12, 2011 7:21 pm

i have so many similar traits! apart from i hate children D:
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby mariana sousa » Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:40 pm

a -a-chan é uma graça, adoro elas tanto quanto as outras!!^^

the a-chan's cute, I love them as much as the other! ^ ^
mariana sousa
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby perfumemusiclife » Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:32 pm

it is very interesting
I want to have that magazine
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby jasminew14 » Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:18 am

This interview was very interesting, I learned a lot about my favorite
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby pyafumudesu » Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:47 am

Just like Kashi after reading these answers I like A-chan slightly less now. Still cool but she's a little annoying.
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby pafyumurabu97 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:45 pm

I'm almost just like A-chan! wow.
heh I just realized how BAD and horrible my signature looked, so from now on I'll just type.
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Re: 50 Q's for A~chan ('BOMB' magazine)

Postby Atsuke » Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:47 pm

I would never guess that she hear Nightmare.
She looks like a kind person.I want so bad to find a friend like her!Or become friends with her!
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