[2007.09.15] Polyrhythm internet impressions

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[2007.09.15] Polyrhythm internet impressions

Postby ekuseru » Sat Sep 15, 2007 1:57 pm

Since Polyrhythm release last September 12th, many websites and medias are talking about Perfume's success on their first days of this single.

QUICKJAPAN » Interview with the group (magazine), blog post about 4th rank, and another blog post with some nice PV making pictures.

YAHOO JAPAN » Polyrhythm special off-shot gallery (reccommended!).

CDJOURNAL » Interview with Perfume, and a video comment.

RECOCHOKU » Video comment and interview.

ORICON STYLE » Video comment and report.

MIXI » Mikly special survey.

LIVEDOOR » Interview and pictures.

Perfume's Complete Best album, released last year (2.8.2006) and re-released this year (14.2.2007) is amazingly raising again in the charts!

Today's position is 38th rank (thanks to spacecadet and dokidokisuru).

Also, Perfume City BBS user spacecadet translated A-chan's grateful comment on Perfume's official blog for the single's high rank:

2007.09.12 - I am grateful (by A-chan)

Truly ,truly
I am grateful to you all

Today ,Sep 12 ,"POLYRHYTHM" is on sale.
And it is no.4 in today's daily chart.

I am happy ,so happy
that I wept repeatedly ,repeatedly.

I am grateful ,
sincerely grateful to you all
We kept singing without giving up ,and it brought us such a great news.

When we heard the news ,we were interviewed by Quick Japan (Japanese subculture magazine).
One female staff cried with us. I felt her kindness.
My mind is now filled with happiness ,so I even do not know what to do.

And I am grateful to our fans and our support staff people.
Thanks to you all.

I think we can go higher than 20th place in weekly ranking ,
And I think we may even have a chance to sing on Kouhaku Utagassen show !
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Re: [2007.09.15] Polyrhythm internet impressions

Postby DREWdesu » Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:16 am


so the girls cried?!
I support Noc-chanism~ 'cos every pairing needs fans.
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Re: [2007.09.15] Polyrhythm internet impressions

Postby chanus_aloba » Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:36 pm

ekuseru wrote:I think we can go higher than 20th place in weekly ranking ,
And I think we may even have a chance to sing on Kouhaku Utagassen show !

A-chan's statement during this time became true :love:
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