4th Single rumor: Imitation World

Some japanese blogs and BBS are spreading the 4th single tracklist and release date rumor. The tracklist for the single would be:

01- Imitation World (イミテーションワールド)
02- Counter Attraction (カウンターアトラクション)

And the release date would be at “early winter”. November would be the most probabily month to the release due to, as most of japanese artists decide to release their X’mas songs about one or tho months before x’mas. And [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOEGgrq31lQ]Counter Attraction[/url]’s a x’mas song =) (showed a year before as a special promotion for Computer City)

The tracks titles are songs that Perfume has played sometimes at their live events, so if the info is correct, we will have a new single but no brand-new songs.

As I said, it’s just rumors, it’s still not official.
Maybe a fake? Time will tell.

Electro World release!

Finally the long awaited Perfume single “Electro World” (エレクトロ・ワールド) has released today. As for now, Electro World isn’t in the Oricon’s top 20 daily chart. Will the single sells raise enough for that? I hope it will…

I will update web content in a few days or a week. I have to say I’m really busy these days.
So there’s pending: lyrics, scans, single downloads, pv downloads.
You can check the BBS Forum for news.
I have to say thanks for your support. At least 5000 visitors in a month is a great start, and your support messages really cheered me up to go on with Perfume City. Thanks a lot! >.<

Arigatou gozaimasu~!

Updates & Uploads

Official Perfume website has updated “Pho-ice” whit a voice record by A-chan talking about her latest trip with horse she did as a school trip. Thanks djkc!
Ok, let’s start with the things I’ve uploaded lately:
* Youtube:
Electro World preview (AUDIO preview)
Computer Driving Live
I’ve some videos ready to upload, but belive me, I’m so busy this month so that’s impossible to do it by now.

* Direct Downloads at Megaupload:
– Computer Drive live
– Sweet Doughnut single
– Akihabalove dvd rip song
You’ll find this at Audio page or at the Forums

* Jpopsuki tracker
Visit the Jpopsuki tracker and search for Perfume. Someone (thanks!) uploaded full discography of Perfume (except Akihabalove and Hiroshima singles karaoke’s). Also I’ve uploaded Computer Drive live (again), the last Magical City Radio show, and a Wonder2 full length preview.
Webpage updates:
– Added Lyrics (Sweet Doughnut, Secret Message (fixed) and Jenny wa gokigen naname)
– There’s now an Audio page with the online songs and downloadable singles, but I will redesign it, don’t like its layout
I have to re-model the Visual page too to add PV and other video downloads.

That’s all for now. I’ve pending to update the galleries with new images and single scans. cha ne!