New Galleries up!

[b]Trading card gallery[/b] is now online. All the trading cards from Sweet Doughnut to Complete Best including some special ones. Go to Photo page and click “TRADING CARDS” picture. A pop-up will open.

Also added new fan illustrations by Sai75. Go to “FAN-ART AND WALLPAPER” picture on Photo page,

Info page has been updated with new info.

I was forgetting something. Perfume’s Complete Best album is the 15th on VMC’s Best Albums 2006 (JP)!

Official homepage update + 2 lyrics added

Today, Tuesday 13th, the Perfume Official Website updated. The main style has no change. The differeces between before and after are just that all images are now from Electro World new single instead of Computer City. Also the loopy melody that sounds forever and ever is now a cut from the new single.
A new button appeared (Pho-ice). When I read it I thougt it was something about ice (…), but if you click you will notice what Pho-ice means: Photo + Voice.
But it seems we’ll have to wait, there’s only a “coming soon” text in the window.

By the other hand, I’m… er, I’m still working on the updates I mentioned yesterday (It’s studying time).
But I managed to romanize 2 lyrics while I wasn’t studying: Linear Motor Girl & Secret Message. (Go to Lyrics page)

Electro World & Wonder2 radio preview!

While I was trying to fix some web problems I commented on the last update (8th June), I found something really interesting… the new single Electro World mp3 preview! (From Perfume’s weekly radio show “Magical City” at SkyPerfect!TV Star Digio ch.400).

Download here (160kbps good audio quality)

The zip includes the c/w song “Wonder2” (will be also included in the single release next 28.6.06).

PS. Still working on updates I wrote on last topic ;)
PS2. There’s no pop-up now when you enter the main page.