Updates on the site

The coupling song title coming with Electro World is confirmed: Wonder2. It was used last wednesday at Perfume radio Program “Perfume Magical City” as an ending song. Reminds to Inryoku song included in Vitamin Drop single according to Yosshie’s blog.

– Updates:
? I didn’t notice that some photo galleries on Visual section didn’t work. Now all galleries are up to date and working ;)
? I uploaded a wrong fanart, now it’s ok (thanks “neko”)
? Added a wallpaper by DISTRICT7642 from jpopmusic.com forums. Thanks!
? Profile images changed from C.City to Electro World
? Galleries layout changed. The pretty effect of the “Trading Cards” or “CD covers” flash made galleries were just… pretty, but not useful. Now it have a new look and you can download any image. Hope you find it useful :)
? New affiliate to Links page: Teruki Paradise ***Also, the visitors counter is counting more than the visits the page have. It counts a visit on every reload. I will fix it too.

A little update

? Fixed some broken links
? 5 new wallpapers added
? Added one more photo to each profile
? Fixed [login] position in Forum
? Vitamin Drop & Computer City mp3 singles uploaded in the Forum
? Date bug fixed in the Forum (the registered user date displayed 0606 instead 2006)

The audio section is still offline. It will be up soon with songs ready for listen and/or download.
…yeah, I know that some links are still broken, or just you can’t clik on a few pages like photo galleries.
I’m working on it, hope all the galleries are up in 2 or 3 days.