Perfume Official HP Renewal

Once hosted on Amuse’s server has now switched over to their own web server:

Probably because of the recent server downtime Amuse experienced, a flurry of Perfume fans gave them beef about their lack of Perfume for the several days it occurred, but now it should not be happening again.

Several changes include a brand new layout, from the previous starry night/matrix black to clean-cut white (and no more cheesy flash intro). The “REPORT BLOG” is changed to “MANAGER BLOG”. Their PTA fanclub also got a makeover, but of course only members can see the changes.

We’ll miss the funky old site, but the new one is easier to read and more professional-looking. Please support Perfume with their new website!

⊿ Triangle Track Review

Perfume’s new album titled “⊿” (Triangle) is scheleduled for July 8, includes 3 previously released songs as singles: “love the world“, “dream fighter” and “one room disco“. 2 songs that were included with singles: “edge (triangle mix)” and “negai (album version)“, both of them rearrenged for this new album.

The rest of the tracks on the album (7) -including “night flight” that was recently promoted along a new TV and web commercial with Pino- are brand new tracks:

· Take Off. Overlapped synth arpeggio and breakbeats, introduction to the album.
· NIGHT FLIGHT. 80’s techno-pop style song, high tempo (145BPM) and 8bit sounds.
· Kiss and Music. Funk-groove songs about erotic/love songs but the mood of this song has an opposite mood using a moog‘s arpeggio, and the vocals are inorganic, mixing it up in a kitsch tune.
· Zero Gravity. Jazzy electro piano, bossa mood song.
· I still love U. 80’s new music love song. An impressive melody line.
· The best thing.
House love song that begins with a synth arpeggio solo. Nakata Yasutaka’s stylemark.
· Speed of Sound. Percussive, latin-house beat basis, jazzy club track. Vocals are only words.

• Source: iLOUD club & rock web magazine (source is currently missing, 404 error)

I want to share one of the sites related to Perfume that you should be checking daily since Perfume became a constant and uncontrollable flow of news and media:

• is a website running on a lifestream technology that brings all of Perfume media uploaded by users from sites as Nicovideo, Youtube, Hatena bookmarks, news from Natalie, Perfume related Tumblrs and Yuoak (another multiple stream site) to the main site’s grid.

This means one place for all the main streams on unofficial news and media related to Perfume!