International P.T.A. Membership Announced, ASMART Ships Overseas

Perfume greeted by Taiwanese fans & media. cr:

Following the highly successful first leg of Perfume’s 1st World Tour in Taiwan @ NeoStudio, staff has announced that they will be launching membership to Perfume’s exclusive fanclub P.T.A. (Perfumeとあなた/Perfume to anata) as soon as next Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013. Provisional registration has already begun, so sign up with your email address at (available up until November 30)!

It is still a bit of a mystery what the differences, if any, will be between the international fanclub and the native Japanese fanclub, other than access to the P.T.A. exclusive website and digital contents. There remains a few questions of what countries will have access to membership and what languages translations may be available as well.

However, in addition to this much awaited news, Perfume’s famous fan goods supplier, ASMART, has announced that they will partner with Tenso to provide international shipping. The name may be familiar if you have ever tried to ship something from Japan via internet shopping sites that do not provide overseas shipping. Many current overseas P.T.A. members have also used this site jointly to acquire membership, so it is curious that this news has arrived at such an opportune moment. Since native P.T.A. members receive goodies for free through postal services, an overseas shipper is one of the most important keys to unlock a successful international fanclub.

Perfume still has many surprises waiting for us, as 2012 has still yet to end. Let’s look forward to more exciting announcements from out favorite 3 girls, as they embark on their next tour stop in Hong Kong!

Note: As the Perfume World Tour rolls forward, please remember to refrain from leaking information regarding the concerts, such as set lists and photos. Perfume and their staff thanks you.

FAKE IT PV Preview

Earlier this summer PTA fans were called to help film a special PV for one of Perfume’s highly loved live songs, FAKE IT. This PV was announced to be included in the special edition of LOVE THE WORLD Global Compilation. Today a short version of the PV went up on the official YouTube channel.

The LOVE THE WORLD Compilation will be released 9/12. Pre-order your copy today!

Limited Edition:
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Regular Edition:
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Perfume will also embark on their first World Tour in the Asian countries of Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore. Details on ticket release are coming out slowly on their official site, so stay tuned to Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st.

In other overseas live news, Perfume was also invited to the ABU TV Song Festival in South Korea before the tour starts. The music festival features various international artists from their respective countries that are popular among their youth, and we are happy that Perfume was chosen to represent Japan. You can read more about the song festival on its official site.

RIJF 2012 Performance & Spending all my time Full PV

On August 4th, Perfume performed in front of an audience of thousands on the GRASS STAGE at the ROCK IN JAPAN Festival 2012. The setlist performed that day went down as follows:

  1. GLITTER (Album-mix)
  2. Spending all my time
  3. Polyrhythm
  4. MC
  5. SPICE
  7. P.T.A. Corner
  8. FAKE IT
  9. Spring of Life
  10. Chocolate Disco
  11. MY COLOR

A clip of their RIJF interview, featuring a part of FAKE IT as well as the first live performance of Spending all my time, can be seen here.

Perfume talked about their impressions of the live, among being big-named artists and performing to a different audience compared to their usual private live. This was the first time the girls performed at a primetime slot compared to previous years, so many more festival-goers were present in their audience. Since there were many fans of rock music, they hoped to bring a performance that matched the other high-energy bands with their own feminine touch.

This led to the discussion of their upcoming Asia tour in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore. When asking about any preparations for the performances, A~chan was grateful for the opportunity to perform abroad, as well as recognizing that there may be many people that have yet to hear about Perfume’s music. She hoped that with their tour new fans Asia can realize that Japan has music like Perfume to enjoy. Kashiyuka mentioned that she was very happy to meet their Korean fans at last year’s Asia Song FestivalA~chan reminisced, although they did their greeting in Korean, the audience still greeted them warmly when they reiterated in Japanese.

More images from the event can be viewed on the official Rockin’ On site report.

Furthermore, the full PV of Spending all my time was aired exclusively on SSTV. You can check it out now!

Spending all my time releases 8/15!