Perfume City T-shirt Design Contest!

There have been many tries for this contest to start, but now we finally have it done. Introducing, the Perfume City T-shirt Design Contest!

Through this contest we would like to extend the opportunity to help Perfume City grow as a community by inviting all of our loyal supporters & beloved members to create a graphic for our official Perfume City t-shirt. This will later be made available for anyone to purchase in our apparel shop (coming soon).

The prizes? Glad you asked.

2nd place winner will receive Perfume’s upcoming single Spending all my time (Limited Edition) and B2 Poster, as well as a free print of the t-shirt they designed!

1st place winner will receive Perfume’s JPN Tour DVD (Limited Edition) and B2 Poster, as well as a free print of the t-shirt they designed!

Contest Rules:

  1. You must be signed up on the forum to enter. In the contest thread we will setup a password-protected box to submit your design.
  2. The entry must have “Perfume City” on the design, but it does not have to be the main focus. You may only choose to use a photo of Perfume as a reference, not an actual design point (i.e. vectoring).
  3. The entry must be one’s original design! Do not use copyrighted images from other artists, fan artists, any company affiliated with Perfume (Amuse, Inc, Universal, etc.); it’s illegal. You also cannot hire someone to design it for you. If we wanted to hire someone, we would have done it ourselves! Any violations found will be automatically disqualified.
  4. Only one entry per individual.
  5. Once submitted, all entries are the under the possession of Perfume City. By entering in the contest you give Perfume City the permission to use the design, with or without consent of its original creator, freely under any circumstance with no further reimbursement to the original creator. In other words, please do not expect further payment or perks after receiving your prize (if you win) for using your design.

T-shirt Specs

  • Can be Front/Back (but not mandatory)
  • Approx. 10″ x 10″ print space (can be bigger)
  • At least 200 dpi
  • RGB colorspace only
  • Accepted formats: .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .PSD, .AI
  • For further help, check out this page.

The deadline is August 9th! We will announce the winner on the following day.

The contest starts now! Good luck!

Win a Limited Edition Spring of Life Single!


Today Spring of Life was made available in stores! For those that missed out on pre-ordering the Limited Edition, here’s your chance!

We are holding a raffle with one winner bringing home 1 Limited Edition copy of Spring of Life, which comes with a B2-sized poster. There are 3 ways to enter into the raffle!

  1. Post a comment on this entry. Tell us about your Perfume story–how you’ve come to like the girls, where you’re from and how you’re spreading the Perfume love to people around you.
  2. Post on the forum thread. You must sign up to post! Tell us about your impressions of Spring of Life and Communication.
  3. And finally, share this contest on Twitter! You must be following our Twitter (@Perfume_City), then retweet the following: “I just entered to win a Spring of Life LE Single via @Perfume_City, enter here:

You can only post on this entry and on the forum once, but you can tweet once a day maximum. We will contact the winner the day after the deadline.

The deadline for this contest is April 20th, 2012.

*Please abide by the contest rules. Spammed/repeat entries may be disqualified.

The Winners of the Perfume International Dance Contest are…

Finally the results are here! In addition to the public poll results, we also combined YouTube views/likes/feedback to determine our winners! Our staff also went over the videos and put their input on which videos were the best out of all!

For our SPICE limited edition single, we have


This trio’s original choreography was very impressive! Despite their camera not being the greatest, their routine still shined through. Most importantly, their movements were very fluid and Perfume-like, one of the main things we looked for. Congratulations!

For our JPN limited edition album we have


He also covered and performed original choreography to GLITTER! What was most impressive is that he did all the parts by himself, not to mention we could see Perfume doing these moves as well. Good job!

We would like to thank all the entrants for participating in our contest! Although we would have liked to give everyone a prize, there will always be more chances to win!

Perfume’s JPN album is officially released today, so don’t forget to support the girls we all love!
Purchase: [CDJapan] [HMV JP] [YesAsia (LE/RE)] [Amazon JP]