How to support Perfume

Now that Perfume has signed on to Universal Music Japan, obtaining Perfume’s music has become much easier for overseas fans.

Instead of just illegally download all their music, we -overseas fans- can do something to support Perfume.
These are a few steps to follow if you want to support Perfume and don’t know how:

  1. Download their music and watch their videos. Now you can download Perfume’s music legally off the iTunes Store in 50+ countries (example: Perfume on US iTunes Store). Additionally, many videos from Perfume’s TV/news appearances are uploaded by fans on video sites like YouTube. You can expand your search with queries like パフューム, the members’ names (のっち/あ~ちゃん/かしゆか) or the TV show the appeared in (you can visit the official site to know their schedule).
  2. Buy CD’s online. As not all of Perfume’s music is available for download legally, importing CD’s from Japan is the best way to show your support as a real fan. Just visit some of the existing japanese music stores – CDJapan, HMV, Amazon, and Yesasia are the established ones and all contribute to Oricon rankings. Sign up, pay with a credit card or Paypal and wait; they ship internationally. It’s not that hard!
  3. Spread the aroma! Start sharing their music with your friends, write reviews, make a fansite, make a blog entry, post on your social networks, or simply comment in someone’s blog, but make sure everyone knows who they are and how cool is their music.
  4. Visit Perfume City and the forums! Join in the discussion and talk about Perfume!
  5. Join the official fanclub, P.T.A. Are you ready for the ultimate sign of devotion? Perfume’s official fanclub has opened it’s doors to the world! Join World P.T.A. today!

And if you live in Japan, or plan on visiting… enjoy Perfume live!

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