How to support Perfume

In 2012, Perfume signed on to Universal Music Japan label, enabling their music to be accessible to overseas fans more than ever.

The following are just a few suggestions on how to support Perfume:

  1. Buy their music. Perfume’s music is available to download legally from various platforms, such as
    • iTunes Store–available in 50+ countries
    • Google Play–available in 50+ countries, downloadable in mp3 format
    • Spotify–available in 50+ countries and territories

    If physical copies are your style, or you can’t find the song via download, you can import their CD’s from various Japanese suppliers while also contributing to Perfume’s Oricon chart rankings:

    • CDJapan–Perfume City affiliate and top recommendation; first press releases often include bonus items, but sells out quickly.
    • HMV–reputable supplier with frequent sales good for multiple CD purchases.
    •–inventory also available on US/UK site, but may not contribute to ranking.
    • Yesasia–good option if limited edition copies are sold out elsewhere.
    • ASMART–requires usage of Tenso mail forwarding; they also supply many official Perfume goods!
  2. Watch their videos. While all of Perfume’s music videos can now be seen on their official Youtube Channel, many of their TV/news appearances can be found online as well. Expand your search with queries like パフューム, the members’ names (のっち/あ~ちゃん/かしゆか) or the TV show the appeared in (visit the official site to know their schedule).
  3. Spread the aroma! Start sharing their music with your friends, write reviews, make a fansite, make a blog entry; you are the reason Perfume’s music can reach all corners of the globe!
  4. Join Perfume fan communities! You can find a Perfume community in virtually every social platform–Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, the list goes on. You can find people talking about Perfume with the tag #prfm. Join in the discussion and meet fellow fans!
  5. Join the official fanclub, P.T.A. Are you ready for the ultimate sign of devotion? Perfume’s official fanclub has opened it’s doors to the world–join World P.T.A. today!

And if you live in Japan, or plan on visiting… enjoy Perfume live!