History of A~Chan

The following article is a transcription
from MonochromeEffect.org


A~Chan shares an event from every year of her life and a glimpse into her future plans.
Source: GAME Tour Book

0 years old – When I was ten months old, I bashed my eye on the corner of the kotatsu. I slumped down and howled out in pain. It seemed as though my father was crying my tears with me as he called for help.

1 year old – I went for a swim in my diaper in a shrine’s purification water.

2 years old – Although I expect I was capable of walking, it seems that I wouldn’t walk on purpose. That was really bright of me. (hehe)

3 years old – I put my life on the line by being a nuisance to my younger brother.

4 years old – My little sister, who was cuter than I was, was born. Oooh the jealousy! (hehe) Naw… she was adorable!

5 years old – I always hung out with two boys that I was good friends with. I put my hands together to make them look like a flower. (hehe) And I began to play the piano.

6 years old – In kindergarten, I got the lead role in a school recital for “The Wizard of Oz”. From then on, I wanted to be a supermodel!

7 years old – I loved playing with my arithmetic set. Whenever I had free time, I was tinkering with it.

8 years old – I went absolutely nuts over Winnie the Pooh. EVERYTHING in my room centered around Winnie the Pooh.

9 years old – My mother taught me how to use an abacus, just like I had been begging her to do. From then on, she started getting more and more students, and our house became like an abacus classroom. :-)

10 years old – Some of the kids in class made-believe that we were SPEED. I got to be Hiro-san! :-) I was nominated for that role because my teacher would always tell me, “you’re the one in charge of the witty dialogue!”

11 years old – I transferred into actor’s school. I proudly performed with my amateur voice! I practiced for hours on end to Chinen Rina’s “YES”.

12 years old – This is where my fever begins. We formed as Perfume. We practiced diligently every day.

13 years old – We made our debut on the indies label Momiji. We had our first radio appearance and release event and so on, which was really enriching. I was scared of being bullied in junior high school, so I trained the curls out of my hair.

14 years old – At a recital at actor’s school, I performed my first solo by singing “Aki Sakura” (fall cherry blossoms). I enrolled in some specialized courses which deeply inspired me and caused me to grow tremendously.

15 years old – I moved to Tokyo. There were many new experiences, and I gave it my best. Learning to ride the bus was a fascinating feeling. :-)

16 years old – I became a high schooler. I was elated to be accepted by my desired school.

17 years old – Our major debut! I was really surprised by that costume! But I did my best again!! We felt determined and put forth a great effort.

18 years old – Starting with Capsule’s album “L.D.K.”, I grew to like electronic music. I didn’t have confidence in my ability to make it as a performer, so I decided to apply for university ten days before the applications were due.

19 years old – I am blessed by friends and staff who enrich my life every day, but by simply not being accustomed to this, a lot of things really wear me down and I have a lot to think about.

20 years old – My plan… run off and get married? (hehe) I’d like to go cherry blossom viewing, too.