A History of Kashiyuka

The following article is a transcription
from MonochromeEffect.org


Kashiyuka shares an event from every year of her life and a glimpse into her future plans.
Source: GAME Tour Book

0 years old – I played in large buckets on the balcony as if they were a pool. At this point, I still had a plump face and body, making me look like a completely different person.

1 year old – I ate snow. I wasn’t really aware of what was going on at the time, so I don’t really remember much, you know? Oh! Around this time, whenever I saw my dad’s face, I started crying! (hehe)

2 years old – My first time in Hawaii!!! But I hated walking so I was carried around all the time. This might have been at the age I was at my cutest. (hehe)

3 years old – Leveled up to kindergarten! I was really moved by the traveling zoo. I really wanted a baby chick. It might have been from this era that I came to like animals.

4 years old – I was thrown into the pool by my swimming instructor. I *really* enjoyed the intensity of going on roller coasters!

5 years old – We moved to Hakodate, Hokkaidou! I hated wearing tights, so I would start bawling my eyes out whenever it was time for a recital.

6 years old – Moved on to elementary school! One of my friends had a lot of cats, and she let me keep a kitten at my house.

7 years old – During winter, we did ice skating for PE! Just what you’d expect from Hokkaidou! They made a skating rink out of the snow on the school’s campus. Later that year, we moved back to Hiroshima.

8 years old – The challenge of learning to ride a bike! Learning to ride a bike in the third grade is pretty late huh? (hehe) But my freedom was three times as big after I learned.

9 years old – I started getting into black clothes. At this point, I met A-chan who was going to a different school. I was amazed at how positive she was!

10 years old – I transferred to Hiroshima’s Actor’s School. I was fascinated by dancing. Even though I wasn’t even able to keep my rhythm at first, I found myself dancing in the studio every day.

11 years old – Formed Perfume with Nocchi!!!! We were allowed to go out and become performers in various events.

12 years old – We made our indies debut as Perfume!!!!!!! (whoohoo!) But I didn’t realize how important that step really was!

13 years old – I tried wearing perfume for the first time. It made me feel a little bit more grown up, but I didn’t really understand the purpose of it so I figured, the more I put on the better it is.

14 years old – My introduction to dorm-life and Tokyo. Every day seemed like a field trip, so it was fun, but I would find myself singing a song called “Kaeritai” (I want to go home) with Nocchi at school. (hehe)

15 years old – Level up to high school!!! I kept it a secret from my mother, but I went to get three piercings in my ear! Afterwards, I called her on the phone to tell her, and fortunately she was fine with it. (whew!)

16 years old – I fell in love with cameras. Whenever I’d take my camera with me, I would speak to myself a lot. I went to various places with the camera.

17 years old – I discovered Enoshima and Shounan!!! Once I went, I had a hunch I’d be going all year ‘round. :-) The hydrangea are so pretty when they’re in season here!

18 years old – I moved on to university. How could it be that I’M a university student? I was able to make a lot of new friends and have lots of sleep-over parties.

19 years old – Perfume, as you know us today, are doing our first tour!! Speaking of which, there are so many of you just coming to our concerts for the first time.

20 years old – My plans at 20 are to go to lots of night-time DJ and club events and go all out having fun! That’d be great! And I’d like to travel abroad with Perfume.