A History of Nocchi

The following article is a transcription
from MonochromeEffect.org


Nocchi shares an event from every year of her life and a glimpse into her future plans.
Source: GAME Tour Book

0 years old – If I wasn’t taken for a ride in the car, I wouldn’t stop crying at night.

1 year old – I gave candy to a stranger in the park.

2 years old – I ran out into the middle of the street and almost caused an accident. So dangerous!

3 years old – In the pool at my nursery school, I was able to submerge myself to the top of my head for the first time.

4 years old – I got my first perm.

5 years old – My friends all transferred to different schools and we all cried together.

6 years old – I made a new friend!

7 years old – My friend and I got into a fight!

8 years old – I made my first confession of love!!

9 years old – I learned jazz dance! My first song was Max’s “Ride on time”.

10 years old – I went to go play at my school teacher’s house. It looked like there were pictures of her boyfriend in her room, but she wouldn’t let me go in there.

11 years old – I wore platform sandals (hehe). They were about 10cm high.

12 years old – I was able to have a dog for the first time, which I’d always wanted to do.

13 years old – I bought perfume on my own.

14 years old – For the first time, I thought “Hey, this dancing is fun! I want to get good at it!”

15 years old – I had agepan (fried bread similar to a donut) in my school lunch. We didn’t have anything like that when I was in Hiroshima!

16 years old – On a trip to Okinawa, I visited the Churaumi Aquarium. I discovered how fascinating an aquarium can be.

17 years old – I learned how to twirl a pen around between my fingers.

18 years old – I bought my first pair of pumps! So adult-like!

19 years old – We saw ourselves on cell-phone TV!

20 years old – My plan is to raise a pet all by myself.