Interview of Yasutaka Nakata

Translated by spacecadet

When I received first request to make songs for Perfume, I simply thought I could do something interesting, because at that time they were performing very idol-like way.

The songs I make for them consist of parts which would be accepted as pops from club-music, but for people who listen to Perfume as a pop singer may accept it with fresh feeling, and when I play their CD in a club I receive a hot reaction because Perfume’s music is not targeted for club music. I think this borderlessness is a big reason for gaining current popularity.

Perfume and their staffs do not fully understand current electronic scene. But their mis-match doings from their misunderstandings and unawareness makes Perfume’s music even more interesting.

I think my role for Perfume’s first stage has ended. Currently I do not tell them the way how to sing, so their voices are beginning to vary. But this variation leads to my good inspiration.
Now I am waiting for them to bring me their own idea, like ‘Mr.Nakata what do you say to this?’

29/01/08, From Bounce Magazine #295