Interview to Mikiko Mizuno and Nocchi

Translated by spacecadet

* Mikiko Mizuno is the dance teacher and producer since when Perfume was in Hiroshima.

Nocchi(N): What do you remember about the day you met us?
Mikiko(M): A-chan was cheerful girl as she is. Active and cheerful and attractive among children in the class. About Kashiyuka, I remember she was a girl who likes small animals and had a something different from others… she sometimes talked to bugs. And Nocchi was very shy.

N: When dancing and singing I was all right, but…
M: You were not good at communication.

Interviewer: How were dance lessons in Hiroshima Actors’ School?

N: Teacher Mizuno was kind but strict. But I liked her and her dance, so if I felt the lesson tough but I was positive to learn. I think other girls thought so too. “I want to do as Mizuno taught”, “I’m eager to master it perfectly”, perhaps I may have thought like that.

(How long does it take to master a dance for a song ?)
N: Now it takes about two hours.
M: At first two days. Then it became a half day, and then became two hours… Perfume’s dance seems simple, but in fact it is extremely difficult. At a glance it may look catchy and easy to learn, but if you try you may know how difficult it is. It may understandable only people who learn dance. Perfume’s dance is based on a huge stack of basic lesson they have practiced again and again since they were children.

Why Perfume became popular by Polyrhythm, do you think?
M: I don’t think Polyrhythm is an only reason. Along with the songs Perfume have had before, Polyrhythm becomes notable by its quality. People who came to know Perfume by Polyrhythm, and become interested in Perfume, and they will meet other songs and impressed by deepness of Perfume’s music world.

N: Please give Perfume an advise, and I’m glad if you have some messages to us, ’cause you have been watching our dance and our personalities for a long time.
M: One thing I can say is “please do not change”. Perfume become popular slowly but steadily. I think it is because of what you have gained at your own pace. So I would like you to keep your way. Now your surroundings are changing faster than the change of yourselves, so you may be a little puzzled. I would like you not to pay too much attention to people around you, and keep your own pace.
It is lucky of you to become popular when you can be grateful to this unbelievable success.

15/12/07, From QuickJapan #75