The Perfume Logo Font Analysis

Article by ekuseru

Many people asked me about the Perfume logo font. When I did the Perfume City
logo, I tried to find what the font was chosen by the designer to start designing the logo, but I never found the same font.

They have modified a font to create a logo, or maybe they have created it from scratch.

I guess the designer of that logo took a font to inspire him/herself and make the logo. Maybe he wrote P-e-r-f-u-m-e with an existing font, and then he modified it and joined some characters creating ligature glyphs, and then he added details like a bar over the u, obtaining the final logo.

Anyway, here they are the closest fonts to the Perfume logo I found:

SB Vibe Medium

Saved by Zero

SB Vibe medium is the closest to the original logo, but it has some different details:

• Characters have open shapes.

• Characters are thinner and doesn’t fill geometrical spaces as Perfume characters do.

So… let’s start the process of imitation of the logo by setting up a scanned Perfume logo from one of their CD cover arts as a backround in our favourite graphic editor ( I will use Adobe Illustrator).

Obtaining the main shape

I noticed that every character was made mainly by concentric circles.

Setting up grids and guides

I need to set up a proportional grid to the logo letters. I’ve set up the height of the uppercase letters, the lowercase letters, the base line, the ascender line and the descender line.

I have created the descender line using the same size from the lower-case line and the ascender line. Notice that the red circles fit between the lines of the grid.

Letters b, d, f, h, l, t, and i / j dots will fit between the base and the ascender lines.

Letters g, j, p, q and y will fit between the lower-case line and the descender line.

Building up

Using the basic circles from first image, we obtain the main shape used to build the bends of all the lower-case letters, a modular piece that will become part of every rounded corner.

So now we place four quarters of the circle to all the bends of the minuscule letters

Drawing a few rectangles and we almost have finished the e letter.

I noticed that there’s a corner that is not a quarter of circle, that’s like a rectangle with rounded finish. If I create a new circle with the same size as the character line, and split it into two (so we’ll have a semicircle), we’ve got another important part of the puzzle to recreate the whole logo.

We can follow the process by placing the basic shapes (quarter of circle, semicircle and rectangles) inside the guide lines I created before, and finish the reproduction of the logo.

Now we’ve got almost the whole set of letters created, but as you can see, capital letters bends have a larger radius:

Finally, we’ve got a replica of our favourite group’s logo with “City” word added using the modules assembling technique.

I could try to make a new font based on this, but I should imagine how would the rest of the alphabet look like, and then decide which letters are joined together and figure out how would they look like if, for instance I want to type down “Person”… would r and s stick together or would they have a space between them?…

Letters P-e-r and f-u-m-e are joined together, so we cannot know if an hypothetical Perfume font would look like that when you type it, or if it’s a manually modified font.

So, maybe I should first try to imagine how the rest of the letters would look like, and then I can try to join character but I would have thousands of combinations (a+b, a+c,… S+a, t+y,… and so on).

Then I did Perfume City’s logo at my own criteria. I decided not to use a descender line to draw the City‘s y, and it’s placed right on the base line.

In conclusion, we cannot have (or is almost impossible) a typeface that looks identical as the Perfume logo when you type it, but we can have a font based on it, so then if we type it we obtain the same character design but without being overlapped as the logo does.

Software used

Adobe Illustrator for the design of each character.


A very useful site to learn all about typography I recommend is iLoveTypography, check this entry (1) and the following one (2) for a nice guide on how to create a font.

Font | Saved by Zero

Font | SB Vibe Medium

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