Quick Japan issue 74

Index of Quick Japan issue 74

· Translated by spacecadet


Perfume – Three girls who restored the original meaning of “Idol”.

• 2007.9.17 Report of new single “POLYRHYTHM” release event
• EXCLUSIVE! Perfume 10,000 letters interview “Enjoy our music whatever way you like – idol pops or techno”
• Interview “The reason why I like Perfume” (Various musicians, writers, and A-Chan’s sister Sayaka Nishiwaki)
• Perfume history 2000-2007
• Complete dance guide! “Electro World”
• Discography and review (Singles, an album, DVDs)
• Yasutaka Nakata interview “Perfume’s staff may be extremely genius, or extremely misunderstanding”
• Kazuaki Seki (Perfume’s PV art director) interview
• Dance guide “Chocolate Disco”
• Special article by RHYMESTER Utamaru “Perfume, -the miracle-”
• Presents for readers “Perfume drew their signs on the door of HMV Shibuya!”