Technopop revives

Translated by spacecadet

Techno pop, a big movement in 1980s music scene caused by YMO’s debut, is reviving.
Not “Techno” dance music. Techno pop is a genre of pops which emphasizes mechanic taste by using computers.

Representative is an idol unit Perfume, a group of three women. Perfume’s music inherits the concept of near-future music from original techno pop.
Floppy tone with analog synth and machine-like voice, and robot-like dance. And their image production like plastic reminds me of the very techno pop I loved at that time.

In Perfume’s new single, I can find lyric which is connected to those days, “AA purasuchikku mitai na koi da (Ah this is plastic-like love)” for instance.
At that time, many idol singers which featured techno-pop could not gain much reputation because of lack of originality. But this time, Perfume is supported by good producer who knows club music very well and its music is gaining popularity by its musical characteristic. Perfume attracts many young people who do not know 80’s boom, but fans of 80’s techno pop are likely to enjoy its music also.

22/09/07. From Nikkei Newspaper