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Ceramic Girl Lyrics (English) :: Perfume City

Ceramic Girl Lyrics (English)

Transcribed by: oneofprfmfansinjpn

These song lyrics to Perfume's Ceramic Girl have been transcribed or translated by the Perfume City community. If you find any errors in these Perfume lyrics or would like to thank the community for their support, please let us know in the forums! If you would like to copy these lyrics to your own site, please let us know, or at least credit your source.

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If a wonderful morning comes, and we stay together then
Does an ordinary happiness come to me?
The best idea, that you thought of
I want to carry it out at once but

Arranging soft and beautiful words
I could be a gentle and tender person
In a new world, I hide myself and
Maybe, however, I'm

(Ceramic Girl) I want to fall in love but
(Say love me girl) My antenna can't reach
(Ceramic Girl) I want to live on
(It's brave new world) In a transparent world

((Ceramic Girl) Because I want to fall in love
(Say love me girl) I believe in telepathy and
(Ceramic Girl) Only this feeling
(It's brave new world) Isn't artificial, is it?

I put on some wonderful clothes and went shopping and
It's exciting as if it's usual and
There are a lot of artificial dreams, that someone thought of
I noticed something incongruous

She is twinkling in a soft and beautiful style
If I could be cute like that girl
In a new world, I would have a lot of dreams everyday
Maybe, however, I'm


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