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Electro World Lyrics (English) :: Perfume City

Electro World Lyrics (English)

Transcribed by: yuta

These song lyrics to Perfume's Electro World have been transcribed or translated by the Perfume City community. If you find any errors in these Perfume lyrics or would like to thank the community for their support, please let us know in the forums! If you would like to copy these lyrics to your own site, please let us know, or at least credit your source.

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I kept running along this road, going forward, advancing forward, even more forward
I can't find the town that should be drawn on the map
looking back, the scenery I was able to see there had vanished
in this world, I am last at the last of the last

Electro World
the ground shook and broke down
the sun in the sky falls to my hand lightly
I have realized the truth
about the structure of this world
I'll leave you a letter

ah...oh yeh Electro World
in the town where even a cat on a street flies
even your presence has no reality

ah...oh yeh Electro World
everything I can see, everything I can touch, too
has no reality
but surely I exist


who flipped the switch on for this world?
ah, soon it will be no more
Electro world

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