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MACARONI Lyrics (English) :: Perfume City

MACARONI Lyrics (English)

Transcribed by: oneofprfmfansinjpn

These song lyrics to Perfume's MACARONI have been transcribed or translated by the Perfume City community. If you find any errors in these Perfume lyrics or would like to thank the community for their support, please let us know in the forums! If you would like to copy these lyrics to your own site, please let us know, or at least credit your source.

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Other versions of these lyrics: Japanese, Romanization / RĊmaji

The sky I looked up at was high, and my hands gradually are getting colder
What's your temperature? We walk hand in hand

We get a little shy when we call each other
An atmosphere such as this is good... It's soft, isn't it?

We want to be like this forever, don't we?
How much time can we spend snuggling with each other?
Maybe this just feels right, doesn't it?
There is a lot I don't know about you, but I can be relieved

Because I want to see you amazed, sometimes I disturb you but
What's important is like macaroni, in a simmering melty soup

We take a deep breath softly when we try to hold hands
An atmosphere such as this is also good (It's good) It's soft, isn't it?


If the last time comes to us someday (If comes someday)
Until then, I want to keep looking over you


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