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Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow Lyrics (English) :: Perfume City

Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow Lyrics (English)

Transcribed by: oneofprfmfansinjpn

These song lyrics to Perfume's Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow have been transcribed or translated by the Perfume City community. If you find any errors in these Perfume lyrics or would like to thank the community for their support, please let us know in the forums! If you would like to copy these lyrics to your own site, please let us know, or at least credit your source.

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Other versions of these lyrics: Japanese, Romanization / RĊmaji

your brightness, sweet whisper
my sigh, I can't breathe it too much
the glow of the sky, dazzling lights
like a jewelry box
the sky studded with twinkle snow
silver powdery snow, twinkle snow covering us

lalalalala with a cup of hot cocoa, lalalalala in my cold hands
lalalalala on a snowy night, lalalalala I softly stare
lalalalala into your shy smile, lalalalala and think of everything
lalalalala I played a little trick on you

*chorus 2
please don't stop holding the memory of that day again
I managed to make my distance closer to you at last
but it's still just as far, or it just slowly comes closer again
I hope we can melt the ice in our hearts


make my wish come true
send my feelings to him
my fingers trembled
cutie girl lalala
twinkle snow powdery snow



Translator note:
Although most Japanese songs contain hardly any rhyming words, twinkle snow powdery snow has something like similar to that (from the japanese stand point).
ki"mi" no kaga"yaki"
ama"i" sasa"yaki"
boku no tame"iki" wa
tsu"ki" tarinai hodo
sora no a"kari" mabushii hi"kari" ...

ano hi no omo"ide" mou hanasana"ide"...

mada motodoo"ri" janaishi surou"rii"

These are the things that make this song more rhythmical.

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