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Butterfly Lyrics (Japanese) :: Perfume City

Butterfly Lyrics (Japanese)

Transcribed by: oneofprfmfansinjpn

These song lyrics to Perfume's Butterfly have been transcribed or translated by the Perfume City community. If you find any errors in these Perfume lyrics or would like to thank the community for their support, please let us know in the forums! If you would like to copy these lyrics to your own site, please let us know, or at least credit your source.

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薄い 羽のように 軽くしなやかに
ふわり 香り残し 飛んで消えるように
甘い 光の粉 まるで誘うように

fly away


強い 磁石みたいに キミは 引き寄せる
ああ 風鈴を揺らす


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