Perfume Biography and Profile

Perfume is a three person techno-pop idol group from Hiroshima, they joined Actors School Hiroshima in 1999, started training and debuted locally in 2002 releasing their debut single OMAJINAI*Perori in March and Kareshii Boshuu Chuu in November, both being Hiroshima area limited and using their first logo ぱふゅーむ (Perfume in Hiragana spelling).

They graduated and went to the capital -Tokyo- where Yasutaka Nakata started producing them. Their indies era started (2003) with BEE-HIVE RECORDS label. In August of the same year, they debuted with the single Sweet Doughnut, finally debuting nationwide, still as indie group. Also, the Perfume logo was modified into english characters, the logo they use nowadays.

2004 arrived with Monochrome Effect and Vitamin Drop. These two singles were the firsts to hit the Oricon charts (#117 and #119). Then in 2005 they prepared to the major debut release in September but, one month before that Akihabalove was released, produced by Halko Momoi. This single was a limited promotion single for the uchimizu mission.

Linear Motor Girl was their first single on the S2 DIVISION/Tokuma Japan major label. Computer City (January ’06) was the second release, and Electro World, the third (June ’06).

Time for a Complete Best limited edition album, released on 2006 August, which includes all their indies era singles, and major debut singles too, plus a new track, Perfect Star · Perfect Style.

With their first album success and event promotion they got more famous, and in December 21th they played a solo concert that was recorded in their first live DVD: Fan Service Bitter, released on 2007’s March. A month before Fan Service Sweet was released containing the successful song released for last christmas for internet and mobile only Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow and a new one – Chocolate Disco.

Due to the unexpected success of Complete Best limited edition album, a regular edition was launch in March. The album was on charts all year long and was a top seller at many record stores, increasing its number of copies sold thanks to their fifth maxi single Polyrhythm released on September 12th.

Polyrhythm had a very high success, released a month after Japan NHK’s recycling campaing decided to use Perfume as their 2007 image for the TV commercial campaign along with their new song. The single hit the Oricon charts with a top #7 weekly rank and for the first time, they appeared on famous TV shows -NHK’s Music Japan, FujiTV’s Hey!Hey!Hey! and others-.

After their first big hit, first single for 2008 was Baby Cruising Love and it quickly became a success selling more than 50,000 copies and hitting a #3 position at Oricon charts.

GAME was Perfume’s second album, and the first one that was not a best compilation, including 7 previously released songs and 6 brand new ones. Released April the 16th, being one of the new tracks Ceramic Girl used for Sony Vaio’s commercial and TV BS Fuji’s Sumire 16 dorama and with the broadcast of PV for Secret Secret, the album hitted the oricon charts with an amazing #1 position and a #2 place at the Japan Billboard charts. GAME’s copies sold are currently exceeding 300,000 copies sold.
At the same time, their first album Complete Best, singles Polyrhythm and Baby Cruising Love, and indies singles box Fan Service Prima Box made a come back to the charts again.

After GAME’s release, Perfume’s First Tour was announced. They held concerts at 10 cities, selling all the tickets and announcing a 2 days concert at the great Budokan for November 2008.

In the final concert of their GAME tour, they also revealed their next single title: Love the World for July 9th and a 2 days concert is announced: Nippon Budokan on November 6th and 7th.
Perfume also collaborated with Pornograffiti’s videoclip (PV) Itai tachi ichi.

After a busy summer plenty of rock festivals, Game Tour DVD is released on October 15th, quickly reaching no.1 at Oricon charts and beating other artists as Koda Kumi or Amuro Namie live DVDs number of copies sold.

Budokan concerts were held having a great success and selling the tickets extremely fast. Bidding on the Fan Club tickets reached up to ¥300,000 (about $3,140 / €2,437) for the closest seats to the stage.
On the second day of the concert a new 2-days live was announced: Yoyogi National Gymnasium on May 2009.

8th major single Dream Fighter is released on November 19th reaching position #2 on Oricon’s weekly ranking on it’s first week.

December 17th Perfume’s first photobook Perfume Portfolio release.

Perfume is chosen along with 13 more newcomers to act in NHK’s 59th Kouhaku Utagassen.


Nickname: A-chan, あ~ちゃん
Full Name: Nishiwaki Ayaka, 西脇綾香
Birthdate: February 15th, 1989
Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 160cm
Favourite things: Laughing, Talking, Walking, Make-up
Nickname: Kashiyuka, かしゆか
Full Name: Kashino Yuka, 樫野有香
Birthdate: December 23th, 1988
Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 161cm
Favourite things: Music, Books, Walking, Sleeping
Nickname: Nocchi, のっち
Full Name: Oomoto Ayano, 大本彩乃
Birthdate: September 20th, 1988
Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 163cm
Favourite things: Music, Manga, Concert DVDs, Curry rice

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