Perfume new album and tour: GAME

Yesterday Perfume’s solo live was held at SHIBUYA-AX. There Perfume performed Polyrhythm full version for the first time, they sang Macaroni, and a "Prima Mix" special medley from indies era was played too.

But the main news were also announced before the concert finished. Perfume upcoming album name is GAME, the same name for "Perfume First Tour -GAME-" at this cities (10):

4/27, Osaka @ ZEPP OSAKA
4/29, Takamatsu @ OLIVE HALL
5/01, Hiroshima @ CLUB QUATTRO
5/02, Fukuoka @ DRUM LOGOS
5/04, Tokyo @ZEPP TOKYO
5/06, Nagoya @ ZEPP NAGOYA
5/10, Niigata @ LOTS
5/16, Sendai @ CLUB JUNK BOX
5/18, Sapporo @ PENNY LANE 24
5/31, Yokohama @ Yokohama BLITZ

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A~Chan 19th Birthday

Perfume City current banner is a special A-Chan banner for her 19th Birthday next Friday 15th. Happy Birthday A~Chan!

Kashiyuka’s new look

This is the latest picture on TV, it shows a new Kashiyuka’s hairstyle:


Music Fair 21 was finally aired. Mihimaru GT x Perfume collaboration was great, and Baby Cruising Love performance was also as perfect as Perfume always are.

Photo Galleries

Perfume City photo galleries are taking time to get ready. In the meanwhile you can see the finished gallery Notieren’s Fan-Art here. Please use the password: perfume.

There won’t be any passoword when the galleries are finished.

Bye Bye 2007!!!

Last 2007 picture from Perfume blog: Yasutaka Nakata, Toshiko Koshijima (capule), Nocchi, A-chan and Kashiyuka (Perfume). They look like a happy family all together!

I wish this year will be as successful as 2007 have been or even better for Perfume and for every fan they have around the world who enjoys their music and positivity.

This had been a good year for Perfume City, after having all the issues with my old web host service, slimjackson offered us his help and now the site can grow more than ever, and that’s exactly what it’s doing now thanks to Perfume success and thanks to all the kind people who help us with lyric translations, fan art or simply post at our BBS. For all of you,

Happy new year!

From ekuseru

Happy 18th Birthday Kashiyuka!

Today 23th December, is the day of Yuka Kashino ‘Kashiyuka‘ birthday. The cutest voice of Perfume has today 18 years old, Omedetou gozaimasu!


2007 will be a great year for the group. February and March have 3 releases coming up, and even the girls are going to start their Univeristy careers, they said this will be a very active year. We hope this will be a great year for their career as a group and for us, the fans who support them.

Well, this is my last 2006 post, because I will be on vacation until january 5th, so if there is any news, our BBS members will announce on it, so don’t forget to log in and read it everyday =)

– I’ve just uploaded 2 live performances at Youtube: Jenny wa gokigen naname and Sweet Doughnut, at Maufacture live (28th October).

~ Enjoy your holidays and have a Happy New Year! ~